Equipment Needed to Clean Windows

Window cleaning at a house or business place might look like a very difficult task, but with the right equipment, windows cleaning will be both fun and easy. Here is the list of the equipment needed to clean windows :

Proper Cleaning Solution

The most important thing about cleaning is the solution used. Basically we can use water and window cleaning soap mixture. But some people use the combination of vinegar, cornstarch, and water to make it even cleaner. The ratio used is according to the type of window you are cleaning

Sponge & Squeegee

Squeegees are key to cleaning windows like a professional

Squeegees are key to cleaning windows like a professional

Sponges are commonly used for small type windows to apply the solution. Squeegee, on the other hand, is used for all types of windows. The squeegee consists of the blade, the blade holder, and the pole. It is used to clean the fluid after applying the solution process.


The bucket can be used to transport small cleaning items. But the main purpose is to mix the solution. The bucket comes in different sizes and shapes, so choose wisely according to your needs.

Ladders (If you’re cleaning tall windows)

Ladders are mainly used when involving two-story and above houses. The best ladder will be the slip-resistant rubber step ladder. It’s safe and easier to use.

Microfiber Cloth and Towel

Most people will use a microfiber cloth when the window is either not very dirty or dusty. This is the easiest way of cleaning the windows. Just need to wipe the window in a straight line to the other side and going down as it cleans. The towel has two purposes, either to clean water on the window or to make sure the water does not drip onto the floor.

Brush, small brush and hand vacuum cleaner

Brushes are used to clean debris and dirt from the most narrow space of the window compartment. No matter how much we clean the window, if the narrow space full of dirt is not cleaned then it is not fully clean. Once the dirt is collected in one place then use the small hand vacuum cleaner to suck it out clean. The brush is the main component that can be attached to any pole to clean the window.

Window Scraper Blade or a Scrubbing Pad

A Scraper is a tool that is used to take out the label and sticker residue or gum. The method is very simple, just spray water and let it for a few minutes, then use the scraper to take out the residue. Window scraper is very effective but is sharp so as an alternative you can use the scrubbing pad.

Tool Belt

The belt which is strapped to the waist is used to keep all the small tools for easier reach when we are working on the top of a ladder.

Systematic Water Fed Pole

Cannot reach a high place and no ladder? Don’t worry as you can use the water fed pole system. This system consists of a telescopic pole that can be extended, the brush, and a systematic water dispenser inside the pole which we can use strategically to spray water. Mainly used by professionals.

Telescopic Poles

Telescopic poles are not a cleaning tool but are a pole that is attached to a squeegee or cleaning tool to reach places beyond our reach. It is easier to use than the water fed pole and can be attached and detached anytime.