Best Window Cleaners & Window Cleaning Prices

Window cleaning is one of those tasks you forget about, then one day you wake up, and boom! Every single window in the house is completely covered up in dust that has slowly been accumulating.

And even though cleaning windows isn’t exactly rocket science, you could end up with endless smudges or streaks running down your window if you’re unfortunate in your choice of window cleaning tools.

Some of the best window cleaners are “do it yourselves” so you don’t need to worry about hiring a professional window cleaner to get the job done.

Most of the window cleaners you’ll be seeing are bestsellers, with users commending them for their fast acting, grime reducing effect. What’s more, these window cleaners contain chemicals that protect your window’s surface from cracks and breakage that occur as the window depreciates.

Professional Window Cleaners Nashville TN

Professional Window Cleaners Nashville TN

How To Clean Windows

The ideal way to ensure you end with a clean, no streak, no smudge window is to soak a sponge with the window cleaner, wash the window and then use a squeegee to get everything off.

Squeegees are somewhat impractical tools for small homes though, so you want to use a microfiber towel instead. It’s effective against oil and fingerprint stains in the home, and absorbs just enough water without leaving particles behind.

You’ll also make to make sure the house is well ventilated, i.e the windows are open while you’re cleaning, so the chemicals don’t affect you.

Best Window Cleaners

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You don’t just want the window to be clean, you want it to be disinfected as well. Which is why you’re better off using a window cleaner from the grocery store than a homemade recipe like diluted ammonia. Here are a few window cleaners you can try.
● Windex – cleans glass without leaving any streak and it doesn’t run off when sprayed.
● Invisible Glass Cleaner – has an EZ grip which sprays a light mist when triggered. The light mist sprayed, while effective against dark stains, won’t leave a messy or runny surface.
● Cinch Glass Cleaner – is particularly used for anti grease stains, making it ideal for home, especially kitchen windows.


As great as these window cleaners are, avoid using them on kitchen utensils and mistakenly spraying them on food items. This means you need to keep this safely out of children’s reach.

Bottom line? While effective against tough stains, some of these window cleaners have strong odors. So before buying, check out those with ammonia bases, as they tend to be the most pungent.